Saskatchewan’s own Katelyn Lehner is one of the newest voices to the Canadian country music scene. From the heart of the province, her music can be described as sweet, yet powerful.

Early Life

Katelyn’s musical journey started at the early age of 3 when she performed onstage for the very first time. She has had a burning passion for music ever since. All through elementary school and into high school, Katelyn performed and did competitions around the province.  Taking her singing seriously and to the next level, she received RCM vocal training. She loved performing live and thrilled audiences with her exciting stage presence in Search for the Stars. In high school, she won first place in the GX94 radio station talent contest. It was also in high school that Katelyn started song writing.


Katelyn discovered another passion, track and field, which has served her well in the music industry because of the drive and discipline it takes to succeed. Her athletic journey started at a young age when her parents put her in gymnastics because of her high energy. Later, in elementary school, when her height became an issue and she was too tall to be a gymnast, she started running, and then participating in competitions. In high school, word got out of her accomplishments and offers came in from the states to pursue track and field. Katelyn was such a competitor that she qualified for the Canadian Pan American Jr games in Colombia. After high school, Katelyn couldn’t ignore her success as an athlete, so she made the decision to go to University of Calgary and focus on her track career, also completing a degree in Kinesiology. In University, Katelyn did competitions through USport and won many medals. She also travelled to indoor and outdoor competitions. Her most recent accomplishment is finishing 9th overall at the Canadian Track and Field Nationals in the 100m Hurdles!


All throughout University, Katelyn continued to keep up her first passion, music. She did her own social media videos and continued writing her own material. Katelyn would sing anthems at U of C Football and Basketball games, just to keep performing. She never lost sight of her dream to be a recording artist.

Katelyn recently moved back to Saskatoon to finish her last two years with the University of Saskatchewan Huskie track and field team. During her last year of school, she thought it was time to give music more attention, so she started writing more and meeting people in the music business who could point her in the right direction. Never stopping her much loved performing, she entered and sang at the Saskatchewan Next Big Star Competition and made a huge impression on industry professionals. 

Coming Soon

Katelyn has just finished recording her brand-new debut album produced by Johnny Sinclair and Leslie Stanwyck of The Pursuit of Happiness and Universal Honey fame, under their new record label Honeytunes. Her new album is set to be released in February of this year. Her music is modern like Maren, crisp like Kelsea and powerful like Carrie. Meeting and engaging with fans is one of Katelyn’s most favorite things to do, so don’t be shy! Katelyn is currently gearing up for her promotional tour to showcase her debut to Canadian country music. She can be seen performing at showcases and events all around the province so stay tuned and get ready. This is a singer and performer that you are not going to want to miss.


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February 1st 2020 


Saskatoon, SK

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January 25th 2020

Nutrien Winter Shines

Saskatoon, SK

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December 6th 2019 

Sunrise Foods Christmas

Saskatoon, SK



November 25th 2019

The Yard & Flagon

Saskatoon, SK

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November 6th 2019

Women in Ag

Saskatoon, SK

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September 21st 2019 

Back to School Showcase

Saskatoon, SK